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WiFi Internet Access

Tyddyn LLwyn has a WiFi Internet access system to provide our customers with access to the internet and email. Initially available only in the Bar and Family room areas, WiFi access is now available throughout most of the park's grounds.

Access to the WiFi network is via a voucher system. These are available from the Bar or from the Reception/Shop. In order to maintain a high quality service and to avoid any abuse of the system, a small charge is levied: £1 for 1 day's access, £5 for 7 days, and £10 for 31 days. When purchasing a voucher, you will be asked for your contact details and be given the terms and conditions of use. These terms must be abided by. These details are required for legal reasons and to prevent abuse of our network.

You can download a copy of the form here: WiFi Access Form (Adobe Reader format)

The full Terms and Conditions of use for our WiFi network can be downloaded here: WiFi Terms & Conditions (Adobe Reader format)

How to connect to our Network

To use our WiFi network, you will first need to purchase an access voucher from the Bar or Reception as outlined above. This will have a unique username and password printed on it. Next, enable WiFi on your device then scan for and connect to the "TyddynLLwynHotel" WiFi network.

Now open your Internet Browser - no matter what internet address you enter, you should see the Tyddyn Llwyn WiFi network login page, where you are asked to enter the special username and password from your voucher.

Once you enter your username and password correctly you will be able to surf the Internet as normal, until your voucher expires. You will not have to enter your username and password again - our system will automatically recognise your device and will allow it to access the Internet without you having to enter your username and password each time you connect.

Please note: The username on a single voucher can only be used on one device. They are not transferable between devices or people, and once used to connect a device to our network the same username cannot be used on another device. In other words you cannot share your username with anyone else, nor can you use one username on more than one device (mobile phone/computer/laptop/iPod/iPad etc).

To avoid disappointment, we strongly recommend that you try connecting to our WiFi network from the location you want to use it, BEFORE you purchase a voucher. If you are able to access the login page from that location you should be able to surf the internet without any difficulty.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Your voucher gives you Internet access on one device for a period of 1-day, 7-days or 30-days (depending on the voucher you purchase) starting from the moment you first use the username and password on it to login to our system (NOT from the moment you buy the voucher).


Example: If you purchased a 1-day voucher at 2pm yesterday and use the username and password on it to login for the first time at 9pm today, your access expires at 9pm tomorrow (not 2pm today nor midnight today). Note that we do not measure how long your device is connected to the Internet - so you cannot use a 1-day voucher to connect to the Internet for 1 hour a day for 24 days (and similarly for 7-day and 30-day vouchers).


Note: Unused vouchers (the username/password has not been used to login, ever) expire after 30 days.

No. If you have several WiFi-compatible devices - for example a smartphone, and iPad and a laptop, you need to purchase a separate voucher for each device.

Once a voucher/username has been used, it cannot be used any any other device.

We do not guarantee any particular speed, as this will vary depending on the number of users accessing the system at the same time, and the nature of the information they are downloading.

And as you are accessing the network using WiFi (radio signals), speeds can also vary due to the weather - heavy rain and dense fog can cause particular problems, your distance from the nearest WiFi access point and the type/make/model of device you are using.

Access is available in most areas of the park.

You can check reception in your location by enabling WiFi on your device and scanning for and connecting to the "TyddynLlwyn" network. If you are able to view the Tyddyn Llwyn WiFi network Login page, you should not have any problems using the service from that location on that device.

There is no set limitation on how much you can download, but please note that our network is designed for general surfing and emailing only.

Constantly downloading large files will affect other users and is very anti-social.

Please also note that any form of Peer to Peer file sharing, and any form of illegal activity, is strictly forbidden: Offenders will be traced and potentially prosecuted (see next question).

The IP addresses of all services you access are logged. This is done solely to enable us to identify the offender to law enforcement agencies in the event that our network is used for unlawful purposes.

We do not guarantee the security of our network.

You should assume that any data you transfer over our network, including usernames and passwords, are potentially accessible to others, and you should take any steps you think are necessary to prevent any private or sensitive information from being intercepted.

Yes, but the quality of the service, particularly during the peak season, may not be as good as on a dedicated Internet connection such as you might have at home or in your office due to the large numbers of customers who may be using the service at the same time.

In addition, we may have to restrict or limit access to video streaming services such as iPlayer and Netflix.

Yes, although we cannot guarantee that all VPN services will work, and we cannot provide you with any technical support to resolve any issues.

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